Situated on the banks of Lac d’Annecy, the purest lake in Europe, Talloires is known since the 11th century.

First a chapel, later a monastery, the Abbey built in the 17th century by the benedictine monks, is now a 4**** Hotel Restaurant appreciated for its comfort and its extraordinary cultural history: more than just a hotel, l'Abbaye de Talloires is able to provide you with a new feeling of relaxation, festivities or work.

The wealth of a vivid cultural heritage, culinary delights and the treasures of a refined wine cellar: such are the divine ingredients to render your stay unforgettable.

Abbaye de Talloires was awarded the 1st place in Trophy 2009 by Clientele of 4* et 5* Hotels for the quality of service.

Louis berthollet Abbaye de talloires


- Louis berthollet -

The chemist Louis Berthollet (who discovered among others the composition of the ammonia water and to whom we owe our bleach) was born to Talloires in 1748.

Napoleon III Talloires


- Napoleon III -

Napoléon III and empress Eugénie during a visit of the region after the fastening of Savoy with France in 1860 were seized at once with admiration of the beauty of the bay.


- Mark Twain -

Mark Twain famous american novelist, visited Lake Annecy in 1891 and stayed in Abbaye de Talloires during his visit. He described his impressions in Mark Twain's Travel Letters from 1891-1892. More

le lac bleu paul cezanne


- Le lac Bleu -

The painters such as , Paul Cézanne who stayed in the Abbey between 1895 and 1896 and painted here " Lake Annecy " at present in Courtauld Institute of London. More


- Gabriel lippman -

Gabriel Lippman, French physicist, inventor of the color photo, realized his first color cliché in the cloister of the Abbey in 1902.

jean reno abbaye de talloires

- Jean reno -

Jean Reno , the famous French film actor, a shareholder of the Abbey of Talloires, loves to relax here during his shootings from time to time. More

bruce willis annecy


- Bruce willis -

Bruce Willis, famous American film actor, was enchanted by the beauty of Abbaye de Talloires in June 2010 where he met his friend Jean Reno, famous French film actor.