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The Head Chef & his team

- Olivier Descôtes -

Olivier Descôtes has origins from Lyon on his father’s side and from Annecy on his mother’s side. From an early age, he was captivated by his grandmothers’ cooking. His yearning to learn led him to the door of Paul Bocuse at a very young age where he served his apprenticeship and took his first steps in the kitchen of a grand Chef.

The next step took him to Roger Vergé’s in Mougins. He then rejoined the Alps as assistant chef and was a major influence in obtaining a Michelin Star at the Amandier in Annecy.

For the next few years he alternated between the Côte d’Azur and the Alps, always in a position of responsibility.

He then took a break to sail around the Mediterranean Sea on a yacht with his family before returning to the kitchens, full of souvenirs and encounters made during his voyage.

In his quest for truth, for flavours of his childhood, with a contemporary restyling, his cuisine is a reflection of seasonal variations along with his passion for employing the finest local products.

Uncomplicated cooking, authentic and unrestricted, aromatic garden herbs and local wild plants all come together to refine his solidly structured dishes. When studying the carte, one perceives an exotic touch of spices or an unexpected blend of savours which are a reminder of his different voyages.

His cuisine goes further than a simple culinary pleasure, but is more an intimate moment of sharing with others. It evolves permanently, in a constant search for new tendencies.

- The Head Chef’s team -

Dining Room Manager
Sylvain Bonnafé

The latest recruit at the Abbey, Sylvain Bonnafé brings his vast experience gathered from working in prestigious restaurants in Paris and further afield.

Head Sommelier
Charles André Charrier, known as ‘Charly’

The incomparable Sommelier at the Abbey for over 7 years, Charly is an expert in the art of wine which is a passion that he adores to share with others. Whether the occasion is enjoying a meal at the table or during the special wine tasting evenings when all the wine producing regions of France and beyond are enthusiastically explored.

- The Chef’s Menus -